Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Clinton & Obama both have WYO offices

We heard from both Clinton and Obama reps tonight at the monthly meeting of the Laramie County Democrats.

Margy White from Cheyenne and Molly McAndrew from Iowa are working with the Hillary Clinton campaign. The grand opening of Clinton HQ in Cheyenne will be held tomorrow (Wednesday) on the second floor of the Majestic Building at 16th and Capitol. Another office is opening in Casper.

McAndrew's in Cheyenne with three other Clinton staffers. She worked in Iowa, Nevada, and Wisconsin before arriving in Wyoming. You can contact the Clinton office at 319-310-2017 or via e-mail at mollyrmcandrew@gmail.com.

Obama campaign people Gabe Cohen and Julia Warren have been in Wyoming three weeks. Before that, he was field director for Obama in Colorado. He held his first public meeting last spring in the liberal bastion of Colorado Springs. He'd been warned about the Springs, home to a heavenly host of evangelicals such as James Dobson and Focus on the Family. Even when he drove the Ronald Reagan Highway to get to the meeting he wasn't scared. But he knew this campaign was different when he arrived at the meeting and he wasn't the only one there. In fact, the room was packed with 80-100 people.

As Wyoming state director, Cohen's been traveling the state whipping up support for his candidate. He's been to Lander, the Wind River Indian Reservation, and Thermopolis. He was told beforehand that there were some places in Wyoming that Democrats don't go. Thermopolis was one of those. "We had a great meeting there," he said. "We've held meetings in almost every county and the energy is incredible. We've registered a lot of Democrats."

Odd as it seems, Democratic Governor Dave Freudenthal is from Thermopolis. A few Dems are hidden among the many Repubs in Hot Springs County.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, the Obama office is a busy place. When I visited today, staffers said that the campaign could always use more callers and people to canvass neighborhoods. If you want to volunteer, call 307-630-4168 or go to the web site at http://wyoming.barackobama.com.

Did I mention that I'm an Obama supporter? You could tell?

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