Saturday, January 05, 2008

Searching for Republican bumper stickers

I prowled the Cheyenne Holiday Inn parking lot this morning searching for signs who the local Republicans might prefer as they hold today's county convention. The results will be available on the local evening news. But if bumper stickers are any bellwether, only Mitt, Fred and Ron are going to get votes. I spied one Mitt 08, one Fred 08, and one Ron Paul. To be fair, the big black truck with the Ron Paul sticker had several of them, including a placard and the legend "Ron Paul for Freedom" scrawled across its windows. The truck bore a Colorado license plate. I did see a bumper sticker that read "Christmas: an American Tradition." I suppose that the sticker is a sign that at least one Republican convention-goer agrees with Pat Robertson and Bill O'Reilly that there's a war on Christmas. This war, according to the fundies and Fixed News, is waged by secularists against god-fearing traditionalists. In reality, if there's a war against the Christian Christmas, it's being waged by rich Republican corporate CEOs. Those same people that are funding the campaigns of the candidates running today in the Laramie County Republican convention. You could say that Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee are not in the pockets of corporate special interests. But just wait...

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