Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Reagan on Rushmore could mean a boost to Wyoming tourism

Jim Hightower, "America's No. 1 Populist," revisited the Ronald Reagan presidency in his year-end column:

"I must admit that the seven-year reign of Bush & Company makes me yearn for the years of Ronald Reagan, when the term “conservative” merely meant right wing, rather than full-tilt, bull-goose loopy."

He's a bit shocked that there's a movement afoot to add Reagan's image to that of Jefferson, Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, and Lincoln on Mount Rushmore. Hate to tell you this, Jim, but certain Reagan idol-worshippers have been at this since 1988, when The Gipper left D.C. for his California ranch. But now there's a web site devoted to the cause: “Put Reagan On Rushmore in your home or office." Go to I was going to copy and paste the image but I didn't want to be responsible for spreading it around.

But hey, if you look at it from a Wyoming tourism P.O.V., it's not such a bad idea. Reagan fans from all over would be drawn to the Black Hills during the construction phase, which could take up to five years. Once the giant head is completed, it will receive a constant stream of traffic until the end of time. The most direct auto routes to Mount Rushmore from Orange County, California, take you through Wyoming. Even those voyagers taking the southern route through Colorado would have to transverse the southeastern corner of WYO, where I live. Gas prices will be, like, $10 a gallon by then, so we can siphon off some of that dough from Hummer 5's and the giant SUVs of the future.

Makes you wonder what other GOP hero could be added to Mount Rushmore. Perhaps the beady-eyed visage of Karl Rove? He wasn't technically a president, but he was George W. Bush's "Brain." Maybe we could just stick the brain up there. The actual brain.

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