Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Looking ahead to ought-eight

As promised, here are my predictions for 2008.

The Bush Administration will decide to dis-invade Iraq, discovering that the long-suspected weapons of mass destruction are in Iran.

We invade Iran.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan.

Not to mention Osama bin Laden.

Barack Obama will be elected president. His vice president is Bill Richardson.

Wyoming Republicans exported to D.C. for the Bush presidency make plans to return to their home state to make mischief of one kind or another. Dick Cheney begins moving out of the V.P Mansion. He and his cabal of ousted neo-cons start making plans to invade Idaho.

For the first time since the 1970s, a Democrat is elected to Wyoming’s lone U.S. House seat. Gary Trauner pledges that he won’t let down his adopted state.

The Republicans in the Wyoming State Legislature, faced with crises in health care, meth addiction, transportation, and education, spend most of their time proposing bills outlawing gay marriage, "fetal homicide," evolution, global warming, stem-cell research, and Democrats. Their only success is the "Why Do They Hate God and Our Troops?" measure, which bans for life all Democrats currently registered in the state.

I move to Colorado. I conspire with my fellow exiles to invade Wyoming. The plot is exposed by an FBI mole (an actual mole named Ralph fitted with high-tech snooping devices) and we are all sent to Gitmo.

We await full pardons from Pres. Obama.

Happy New Year!

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