Friday, January 18, 2008

Fearful Leader speaks on the economy

I know that Fearful Leader will appear on TV this morning to talk about his ideas to stem the country's recession. His ideas have all been so good and helpful in the past, I can't imagine that he won't offer brilliant solutions to our economic malaise.

But what can get us out of a recession? Dubya sent us some rebate checks early in his presidency. All taxpayers got one. Did I go out and spend it to support our consumer-based economy? No, I paid bills. Most Americans did the same, I'm sure.

That's not going to be enough this time. I don't have any big ideas. It might help to repeal the tax cuts to the rich that was Bush's big idea for stimulating the economy. We also might try to pay back the country's debt. That would mean a plan for energy independence, keeping jobs in the U.S., solutions to the sub-prime mortgage mess, ending the war in Iraq, etc. Since Bush's buddies are petro-moguls (and Saudi princes), CEOs of giant corporation who send jobs overseas to fatten their own bonuses, mortgage bankers and war profiteers, don't look for anything meaningful from Fearful Leader's speech.

Let's hope that the Congressional delegation from Wyoming will be on the side of the angels and come up with a sensible plan. Not likely, as they tend to vote the Republican line, whether it makes sense or not. Mike Enzi, a successful businessman from Gillette, has good ideas and has worked successfully with Dems (even Ted Kennedy!) on other issues. But comity is not a valued commodity during an election year.

FURTHER READING: For some background on the roots of this crisis, read Paul Krugman's column, "Don't Cry for Me, America," in today's New York Times.

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