Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dennis: Stop making sense!

You watch Dennis Kucinich speak confidently about big issues such as global warming and the Iraq War, and you wonder why the MSM ignores him. Maybe it's because he makes so much sense. He's short on irony, long on sincerity. As the bloggers at Crooks and Liars put it, MSM would rather make a big deal of one heckler at the recent debate than spend time on actual issues.

Makes me glad my vehicle sports the only "Kucinich for President" bumper sticker in Cheyenne (that I've seen, anyway). I also was a Kucinich delegate in 2004 to our state Democratic Party convention. No delegates for K went from there to Boston, but it was a start.

Here's Dennis Kucinich speaking at a forum on global warming (via Crooks and Liars):


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